Feathers symbolize peace, upliftment, joy and lightness and Copper with its powerful conducting properties directs energy to heal the mind and body.

A symbol of peace, pride and joy, with healing energy to remind us all to respect our differences and remain strong & free from conflict.

2017 was a year of celebration. I wanted to honour our vast and diverse country and cultural distinctions. And I also wished to acknowledge and show respect for our Indigenous heritage.

And as the year progressed I was being asked to create other kinds of themed feathers that reflected personal interests. From “Games of Thrones” to Yoga, Dragonflies to Individual Legacy Pieces.

Each one is such a rewarding challenge and as 2018 unfolds I look forward to creating many more.




 Each copper feather is unique in design and individually tooled by hand.

I have been pleased and proud to make donations to Reach Canada the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health,  the Ottawa Riverkeeper

Would appreciate your comments:  http://www.coppertreecreative.ca/get-in-touch/