Feathers symbolize peace, upliftment, joy and lightness and Copper with its powerful conducting properties directs energy to heal the mind and body.

And so I created these Copper Feathers to celebrate Canada, with its vast and diverse landscape and cultural distinctions.

A symbol of peace, pride and joy, with healing energy to remind us all to respect our differences and remain strong & free from conflict.

150 for the 150th.

150 Copper Feathers to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary. Each copper feather is unique in design and individually tooled by hand.

My goal in 2017 is to create 150 Copper Feathers that capture a sense of Canada. And seeing as I am actually doing them one at a time you have a chance to tell me what small image you would like included on your piece that is a meaningful reminder of being a proud Canadian.

Pricing: The feathers are available in various sizes:
4″ – 8″ feathers – in a gift box range from $35.00 to $125.00

Legacy Feathers
8″ high feather plus custom frame $ 425.00 including framing

I have been pleased and proud to make donations to Reach Canada the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health,  the Ottawa Riverkeeper

Would appreciate your comments:  http://www.coppertreecreative.ca/get-in-touch/

150 for the 150th