These are all unique pieces, hand-tooled and custom-framed, and available for purchase unless otherwise indicated. I welcome your comments, suggestions and inquiries for commission work as well. Do you have a life event, career milestone or special person you wish to honor? Why not choose an artwork that is a distinctive and exclusive tribute — and something that is meaningful to you! Let’s talk about your inspiration and how to fulfill it – please go to my contact page and drop me a note!

Grace, Elegance. Beauty.
Does this describe someone in your life?

A sophisticated gift for graduation, weddings, housewarming or anniversaries.

Custom-framed: 15.5″ X 12″ 
$ 385.00

Find Your Inspiration.
Just Paint.

Find your inspiration or encourage another artist in your life.

Custom-framed: 8″ X 18″
 $ 385.00

Sweet Dreams.
Dream Catcher.

Custom-framed: 14″ X 20″

Keep Moving Forward.
No looking back. No regrets.

What better way to encourage someone who has overcome a major life challenge?

15.5″ X 15.5″
$ 425.00

Winchester 1866 Yellowboy Rifle.

Custom-framed: 18.5″ X 12″
$ 975.00

Follow your Heart.
Don Yeoman’s totem pole, Vancouver, B.C.

Custom-Framed: 18″ X 23.5″

Lure of the Catch.
Vintage Fishing Lures

Seventh wedding anniversaries are celebrated with copper — a perfect gift for the angler in your life!

Custom-Framed: 15.5″ X 14″
$ 595.00

The Art of Eating.

What better way to spend time with family and friends than enjoying a wonderful meal together.
May this piece always be a reminder of those precious moments shared at the dinner table.

Custom- framed 10.5″ X 12.5″
$ 385.00

Presently on display at The Art House Café, 555 Somerset Street West.